The Ruthy & Chloe Story

One night while lying in bed writing my frustrations out on paper feverishly, I had an idea. I was jotting down a few thoughts in the moment highlighting yet another instance where my capabilities were underestimated. It wasn’t anything big, not a crazy story, just another one of those slight comments from a person that most likely came out the wrong way, but still showed a little light into their opinion. I think we all have a lot of those stories and have developed our own ways of coping and overcoming them. As I jot down thoughts trying to get my frustration out on paper my mind started wandering towards my childhood and the aspects of our culture that causes these instances to constantly occur. What can we do to influence positive change and more importantly, what can we do to influence younger generations to make sure they don’t let other people’s opinions of them determine their worth or stop them from working towards a dream.

Two things were born from this night. First, I decided to create a podcast telling everyday women’s stories about overcoming hurdles and the lessons they learned from these experiences called Underestimated : Stories for Women. Second, I will use those interviews to inspire the stories I write in a children’s book series. The heart of this series is to teach my beloved nieces and nephews lessons on character and success called The Adventures of Ruthy & Chloe.

These adorable kiddos in my cover image are the way for this project. I have a love for books and try, sometimes desperately, to instill that same love in all of them… I think I’m pretty successful so far! I want to be a part of something that teaches them to be kind, to march to the beat of their own drum, that they’re never alone, and that they can overcome anything.

I’ve been working on developing two characters for my children’s book series over the past couple of months. Ruthy is a spirited little girl that is always coming up with new adventures where she always learns new lessons. I decided on the name Ruthy because I wanted something that embodied one of my own heroines, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and hope that I somehow manage to capture the drive that she exhibits in Ruthy. Chloe is Ruthy’s loyal dog and is in every story. There wasn’t much thought needed for this one, Chloe is the name of my dog that I’ve had since college. She has been there with me through many new challenges and was always the company I needed when I felt alone. Chloe’s character embodies a lot of the personality that my dog has… which is mostly an insatiable over for food and an uncanny knack for always saying the right thing at the right time with no words.

This is my passion project and I hope you all fall in love with the characters and the adventures Ruthy and CHloe find themselves on.


Crystal Turnbull – Dreamer